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A young male librarian goes through his everyday life and job. And...well, he doesn't have any problem. "Maybe my life is a problem." - Valera No, it isn't. Self-reflective, demotivating, and filled with the ordinary. Just like we all are. :)


» The new Valera for the week!

Well, this one didn't take as much time as I expected. The computer worked nicely, so I'm pretty happy with the result!^^
maybe I should say something about my techniques, so-to-say. I'm not the best artist out there (as you can see), but I try to put in as much of my personal effort as possible. And so I sketch with pencil, and then ink everything except text and tones, which I do digitally.
I hope I can make Valera as interesting as possible - he's my only developed character and I want him to have a life so badly!
Okay, that just sounds weird. I guess I'll just stop now...

» Oh my, this is complicated...

Hello, SmackJeeves!

Honestly, you aren't that complicated but I've just spent too much time at the computer to figure out a bunch of things about you...And there's a lot.
So thanks to everyone who reads, likes, and faves Valera - he really appreciates it! No seriously, he does. Please leave comments and rate!
And, I guess to add some meat to this post, I'd mention that Valera has already had a (short) life on Tumblr as some experimental nonsense, but now he wants to settle for something more solid than a miniscule apartment in the bloggers' neighborhood. If you'd like to see for yourself, here you go (as embarrassing as the past can be...) : www.lerapishet.tumblr.com.

Sincerely tired,

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